Formed in the late 1960´s at the request of Jerreld L. Newquist a small group of men met in the Hotel Utah each spring and fall in Salt Lake City to consider problems related to freedom and moral issues. Jay had recently compiled “Prophets, Principles, and National Survival,” which proved to be a treasure of information.

After the death of Jay in 1975 there had been no meetings and little association between participants. In 1989 former participants were contacted inviting them to resume the breakfast meetings under the name of “The Newquist Group” to honor Jerreld L. Newquist. Some changes were made at that time which have strengthened and enhanced our association.

With the Hotel Utah now closed the Red Lion Hotel in Salt Lake City was selected as the initial meeting site with provisions made for 15 participants. Approximately 200 men and women now gather in the spring and fall at the Little America Hotel.

The Newquist Group meets under the direction of a committee and strives to locate individuals and groups that have common interests and concerns about the moral and political atmosphere we are living in. It is our intent that truth be represented whether from The John Birch Society, The Eagle Forum, a Catholic Priest, a Jewish Rabbi, a scripture from the Book of Mormon, or a quotation from the Founding Fathers.

We concern ourselves with what we agree on — instead of what we do not. Participants represent a variety of groups, organizations, legislative representatives, and others. It is our intent to strengthen each other and our interests and to encourage new participants. It is our pleasure to formally recognize the contributions made by members and others.

The Newquist Group sponsored special events such as the “Tribute to Ezra Taft Benson” and commissioned a bust suitable for residential use. We have preserved speeches on video, printed pamphlets, distributed thousands of booklets and magazines, and recognized the accomplishments of numerous patriots.

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