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There is only one way to preserve our great nation and restore Liberty, Get Involved! As long as good people sit back and complain that the country is going to the dogs (sorry dogs, no offense), those who would take away your Liberty can and will prevail.

In Utah alone, there are seventy-five (75) Legislative Districts for the Utah House of Representatives, each with 20 to 23 Voting Precincts, each of those with a district or precinct chairman, several county delegates, and at least one state delegate. There are approximately 1500 precincts in Utah and around 3000 state delegates. Each precinct has between 500 and 700 voters. If you will help us reach 100 to 200 of those voters with an ongoing campaign of information on correct principles and current conditions (moral, economic, political) we can make major changes. In campaigns where one vote often determines victory, being able to work with four to six hundred delegate votes would be very productive. WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Please take a moment and tell us about yourself and your involvement.

Zip Code
Cell Phone
FAX Number
E-mail Address
Voting Precinct
Legislative/Representative District
Your U.S. Congressman
Your State Representative
Your State Senator

If you know of others of similar interest who may be willing to assist with this project please list their names and as much information as possible.

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